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Board Member 
Outside Director
Independent Director
Compensation Committee
Operating Partner
Executive Coach

Guy Marsala has built a successful career bringing leadership skills learned as a West Point-trained Army officer and Fortune 100 executive to middle market companies. He is an accomplished CEO, Independent Director, Operating Partner, Consultant and Executive Coach with extensive experience in both public and private companies. Whether it’s a turnaround, merger/acquisition, cultural transformation, strategic planning, or growth, Guy has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to quickly connect with people, build trust and deliver results. 
Guy has served on six public company and private boards, as well as seven non-profits. He is an active member of The Private Directors Association and is available for appropriate Board assignments. Guy can serve on Compensation and Audit committees, and also has experience as Non-Executive Chairperson.

Also Available For:

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Training

Strategic Planning

Turnarounds & Organizational Change

Mergers & Acquisitions

Operational Excellence




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"The only difference between Guy and a well-oiled machine is that he doesn't need oil. Pepsi hired him from the military and he grew with us, to eventually take over a $650 million General Management role. A 5-star General!"

- Mike Lorelli, Executive Chairman, Rita's Franchise Company, former Senior Executive at PepsiCo. 


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