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"Guy spearheaded the changes at MedBox that included recruiting independent board members and building a strong executive team, right-sizing the organization, and implementing a new business model. His leadership kept the organization focused, motivated and moving forward as a team. Guy truly is the "go-to-guy", demonstrating the ability to perform under pressure with a sense of urgency and the highest standards of integrity. He is a "plug- and-play", "been there, done that" executive who has the unique ability to think strategically while driving operational execution in a hands on manner. I would highly recommend him to any organization or board that needs a strong leader to quickly get results."

- Jeff Goh, President and CEO at Notis Global 



"Guy is a focused leader with strong emphasis on operations excellence and people selection capabilities. He is the most disciplined leader I have known, inspiring us to stay focused until the work is done. An eloquent communicator, Guy freely gives public recognition to his team members, and is proud to augment their achievements into the spotlight. A demanding yet fair leader, he pushes himself harder than anyone on his team, and sets the bar high. His marketing background, coupled with the compliance experience gained in heavily regulated industries contributes to his strengths.”

- Alev Hincer, Former Division Head of Human Resources, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.


"The only difference between Guy and a well-oiled machine is that he doesn't need oil. Pepsi hired him from the military and he grew with us, to eventually take over a $650 million General Management role. A 5-star General!"
- Mike Lorelli, Executive Chairman, Rita's Franchise Company, former Senior Executive at PepsiCo. 



" While at WSS, Guy provided structure, leadership and personal support to my colleagues and me. Guy is an excellent listener who focuses on understanding not just the problems but in identifying both short and long-term solutions to ensure success at present and in the future. He takes a genuine interest in those he leads, assisting them in their personal growth within their roles and how they are seen throughout the organization. I personally benefited from the mentorship and advice Guy provided me on many occasions and have better tools today that will help me continue my career growth even in his absence. Guy and know he will be a tremendous asset to any company, team or organization that are fortunate to have him join them".
- Maricarmen Garcia-Smith, Director Learning and Development at WSS


"Before I met Guy, I reached out to two people that I trusted that had known Guy in the past. They described Guy as being professional, accountable to himself and others, and brilliant. Correct on all accounts. When tours of new employees were walked around our office, he always got up to introduce himself and make them feel welcome. When I didn't have the right answers, he challenged me to think more or approach things differently. Getting a good balance of empowering people while challenging them takes a keen sense of management, and these are attributes that I really appreciate about Guy and hope to develop myself as I continue through my career."
-Darrell Stempke, Senior Sourcing Manager Consultant and Manager at American Career College



"It was such a pleasure working for Guy at EZ Lube; he was the perfect partner. Guy is a participatory manager, big goal setter and delegator. He's passionate about hiring talented people, and then working to help them succeed. When I needed Guy's support, he was always there for me. It's just amazing what the leadership team at EZ Lube was able to accomplish under his leadership. Whoever is the CFO at Guy's next opportunity, they will be a very lucky person."
-Mark Archer, Former CFO at EZ Lube, LLC



"Guy is a results driven leader that inspired his team through his vision, discipline and attention to detail. Guy restructured store operations, loss prevention and supply chain while improving field performance and store execution. It was my pleasure and privilege to work with him."

-Mark Herrick, Regional Director of Operations at Hollywood Video



"Guy Marsala is an extraordinary CEO. He has a great eye for talent and builds a strong team around him. Rather than just leading a great team, Guy fosters an environment of a great team of leaders. He empowers his leadership team while staying close enough to them to know all that is going on. Because of his substance and interpersonal style, he is a leader others WANT to follow. Guy delivers extraordinary results. In his short time with EZ Lube, he grew profitable revenue so rapidly; the company was ready for sale a year ahead of schedule."

- Glenn Hansen, Interim CEO at Critical Power Exchange



"Guy builds and leads truly outstanding teams that consistently deliver superior results. Under his leadership, our $700 million Group (covering 15 states) captured significant market share and grew
revenue consistently each year, while increasing our year-over-year operating profit (EBITDA) by an average of 31% per year. We also earned "Supplier of the Year" honors for both General Motors (3 consecutive years) and W.W. Grainger. Guy also led our team through a number of complex sales to secure over $80 million in new volume. Guy is a highly intelligent, driven, dynamic and committed leader who inspires his teams to deliver superior results day in and day out.”
-Greg McLeod, Former Group VP of Sales at Corporate Express



Guy Marsala is simply the finest leader I have ever reported to… period. And that includes the officers I reported to in The U.S. Army Rangers and every company I worked for before, or since, I met Guy. None have measured up to this outstanding leader."
- Gabe Gabriel, Retired Business Executive


As Chairman of the USC Marshall School Alumni Association and looking for a speaker who would educate and motivate our audience, Guy was the right fit! The art of networking and learning ones role in Corporate America is so important. We identified this as an opportunity for our Alumni and invited Guy to come in and speak. This event sold out immediately and the feedback was off the charts. If you are looking for a speaker who will connect with your audience and deliver a compelling message, I would highly recommend hiring Guy!

-Rick Garcia, Director of Operations at Cleveland Avenue

When Guy speaks - people listen! They not only listen they are drawn in and inspired. Guy has a very eloquent and yet commanding presence as a speaker. He is polished, articulate, entertaining and prepared. He knows his audience and can relate to just about any group. He speaks from a place of humility and honor and it shows in his message. He is your Go To Guy for your next big event!!

-Kimberly Roush, Founder, All Star Executive Coaching, Keynote Speaker and Facilitator

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