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 I understand the challenge of finding just the right speaker for your next corporate event or executive meeting. During my career, I've been responsible for hundreds of events, from small corporate training sessions to large, multi-day executive conferences. I understand that oftentimes, the success of an event comes down to the quality of the speakers. I work with your organization to customize the message that best meets your needs in a way that will resonate with all attendees.


Thank you for considering me as your next keynote speaker. I look forward to hearing about your event and discussing how I might assist you. 


Guy Marsala Speaking


Leadership & Developing an Elite Culture

In this presentation, your group will learn about building a winning culture, from the top down.


Leading Self --> Leading in Relationships--> Leading Teams--> Leading in Organizations

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Character                         Empathy                            Trust                       Ownership



Personal Brand Building

Just as consumer products companies consciously and meticulously work to build, nurture and protect their brand, successful executives do the same thing with their personal brand. Learn the power and best practices of building a strong personal brand, both in and out of the office.

Best Practices for Executives in Transition

Unless you’re Vin Scully or Alex Trebek, you’ve most likely experienced, at one time or another, being in transition. Not only is it not the end of the world, it can be the opportunity of a lifetime. “Carpe diem!" 

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"When Guy speaks - people listen! They not only listen they are drawn in and inspired. Guy has a very eloquent and yet commanding presence as a speaker. He is polished, articulate, entertaining and prepared. He knows his audience and can relate to just about any group. He speaks from a place of humility and honor and it shows in his message. He is your Go To Guy for your next big event!!"

-Kimberly Roush, Executive Coach, PCC and Owner at All-Star Executive Coaching, Professional Keynote Speaker and Facilitator



"I first met Guy at a personal branding presentation for HR Professionals. I wasn’t sure what to expect but that presentation changed my perspective and my professional life! I don’t think that a lot of young professionals realize the power of building a strong personal brand in and out of the office. Guy’s positive attitude coupled with his stellar background show that he does practice what he preaches and it works. I highly recommend his presentations to everyone, regardless of where you are professionally. Go see Guy’s presentations! You will walk out of there with the tools to better yourself!"

- Amy Peterson, Corporate Recruiter


"I was looking for a speaker who would educate and motivate our audience, and Guy was the right fit! The art of networking and learning ones role in Corporate America is so important. We identified this as an opportunity for our Alumni and invited Guy to come in and speak. This event sold out immediately and the feedback was off the charts. If you are looking for a speaker who will connect with your audience and deliver a compelling message, I would highly recommend hiring Guy!"

-Rick Garcia, Chairman of the USC Marshall School Alumni Association




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